Choices & CC, really

So, I’m not planning to add choice in my published story at all. But it puts my story down, stated in a review. It’s not that I hate choices it’s that this particular story that I have doesn’t plan to have any. I am making one with effective choices. But here’s my opinion:
A story doesn’t need choices to be good. I read Satana which had no choices and has a lot of reads. I believe a story with no choices really shows that they put plan into their story. They know how they want it to go. While story with choices, it shows they gave more complex start. I won’t stop reading a story because of it’s choices.
Now for CC,
Why? Why do you guys want it? Why do we need to give you a warning that there’s none? Just why? Some appearances relate to the plot like mine! I thought of some CC as lazy, I don’t know why. Especially when there’s defeault characters. I just don’t really like it. I leave the characters as they are because I like to see it from the authored perspective. The only time I customize is when it’s a default. Therefore, I really just don’t like CC.

~Post opinions down below~


The only choices I plan on adding to my story are outfits, and choices that don’t particularly change the storyline. I don’t think a story will be necessarily bad if it doesn’t have any choices. If the plot and story in general is good, I would still read it :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d be fine reading a story on either side of the spectrum. Of course choices and CC is fun, but isn’t always required to have a decent story. I think that if you have a really well written story to work with, people wouldn’t really mind not having any choices (but this is a choose your own story app as well).


I think choices show that the author planned the story more, especially when there’s complex branching. However, they aren’t necessary for a story to be enjoyable. As long as a story is well-written, I won’t care about whether there are choices or not.

I’m not a fan of CC. It was fun at first, but once you read so many stories with it and write your own stories/create your own characters in the portal, the appeal fades.


Neither matters to me. Some of my favorite stories on the app have no choices and no cc. Sometimes I don’t even notice if you have choices in your story and I usually leave characters the way the author created them unless I’m playing as me.


A while back, I used to think all stories needed choices because it’s Episode Interactive, a platform specifically designed for interactive storytelling. Fortunately, both Episode and my perspective have evolved to the point where I realize that the app is, more broadly, a platform for visual storytelling.
I have read some very enjoyable stories with no choices and many lackluster stories with choices. Meaningful choices that impact the plot can definitely enhance a story, but they are certainly not necessary to make a story great.

As for CC, I totally agree with you. 9 out of 10 times, I prefer a MC designed to look exactly as the author envisioned them over a customizable MC because a lot of times, the CC MCs are stale and bland blank slates acting as a “reader insert.”


I’d be fine with a story that doesn’t include any, or many, choices. However, it better be damn good to keep my attention if there aren’t any.

You see, there are a few reasons why choices work and why people love and want them so much:

  1. Episode is advertised as an app which gives you control over the outcomes of your stories. That can, therefore, be really important to a lot of people on here. They likely saw the ads and thought it was an amazing idea to be able to choose how their stories progress more, so bear in mind that a lot of people are on the app because it was meant to be made to give people a little more freedom over how their story progresses.
  2. It keeps people engaged. You see, this is what I mean by “it better be good”. Choices are a very easy and quick way of keeping your reader retention up and making sure that people don’t lose interest. If there is a single dull moment in a story, you can usually add a choice in and it will keep people’s attention for a little longer until the next interesting part. You don’t have that safety crutch if you’re not using choices, so the story better be engaging, action-packed, well-written and interesting from start to finish. It can’t lag for a minute!
  3. It helps with immersion. What better way to make people care about your story than letting them add a little personality to it? The more that someone feels they relate to a character, the more they’re likely to read it. Choices are a great way of making sure that as many people as possible relate to the character, as they can literally choose to make the character like them.
  4. I feel like I need to reiterate a little bit here: people go on Wattpad for stories, too. Two of the main differences between reading stories on Wattpad and Episode are the animations and the choices. You’re giving yourself one less thing that makes the story unique and taking away one of the reasons why your readers may choose to read your story on Episode as opposed to some other platform. Most people are here to choose their story, since that’s the slogan.

With all of that considered, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with leaving choices out. You just have a lot more pressure to make sure it’s absolutely excellent.

I’m indifferent about CC. It’s nice sometimes when it’s there but if it’s not I really don’t care. However, having no choices at all is a different story. For me, part of the appeal of episode is that it is an interactive story app. The stories aren’t just supposed to be something you read, they’re something you play, and they certainly help me feel immersed in the story. There’s doesn’t need to be a ton, but a couple a chapter go along way, and I agree with what someone said above, that choices actually show that the author put more thought and effort into the story and how it could go different ways. I’ve read onlu couple of stories without choices, but they better be really top tier writing, and honestly they’ve all been short stories too.

I don’t judge a story based on how many choices it has. I base in on other factors. My opinion is some choices are fun, but if a person doesn’t have a certain amount of choices in a chapter, that shouldn’t be held against them. For example, I may have only had clothing choices in one chapter, because that chapter lent itself more to that, but maybe I had more meaningful choices in other chapters. So for me its quality not quantity when it As for CC, actually I could take it or leave it. Some stories in my opinion definitely lend themselves to CC and I find it is fun to CC those characters. For other stories, it’s not necessary, so I don’t find it important to have it.