Choices error - help corner



An error appeared after i wrote the gains thingy.
It says “There is a { on line 2162 (which is the line where i wrote choice “1 - 3”) that doesnt have a matching }”

Please help me…

here’s what i’ve been working

choice “1 - 3” {

readerMessage Lian -1

    ASH (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
Between 1 - 3 absolutely
He's not so cool.

@ ASH starts walk_angry_loop

    LEI (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
Haha, guess he ain't.

@ LIAN -1
gain 1 - 3
readerMessage Lian isn’t happy about this but-- |bold| YOU MADE AN IMPRESSION!

“4 - 6” {

readerMessage Lian +1

    ASH (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
Hmm, maybe he's just pissed off.

@ ASH starts walk_sad_loop

    LEI (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
So new of you.
I guess he ain't that bad tho.

@ LIAN +1

gain 4 - 6

readerMessage Lian thinks you’re cool enough to understand.

} “7 - 9” {

readerMessage Lian +2
ASH (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
It’s cool, i’m fine now.
I guess he’s close to fine.
BUT i’m still annoyed of how he didn’t say sorry.

@ ASH starts walk_neutral_loop

    LEI (walk_talk_happy_loop)
Hmm, he's handsome anyway.
He's fine.

@ LIAN +2

gain 7 - 9

readerMessage Lian thinks you’re nice

} “Perfect 10” {

readerMessage Lian -2
ASH (walk_talk_happy_loop)
He’s really handsome tho…
And charming…

    LEI (walk_talk_neutral_loop)
Take it easy!
He still did not say sorry.

@ LIAN -2
gain Perfect 10
readerMessage Lian thinks you’re too ambitious and easy to get.

Well, flags/gains can only contain underscores, numbers and letters, they can’t have any special characters

oh, i see. Thank you!

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can someone help me I don’t know how to fix this on line 41 Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 11.09.36 PM|690x387

Your “}” lines shouldn’t be indented.

it still didn’t work but thank you for your help

Can you post a screenshot please?

I am having the exact same issue and I really don’t know what to do. Because I checked over multiple times and it does have a matching }. Can anyone help?