Choices error help needed

I wanted to know why this is not working


Add a { on the line with
} elif (Nice or mean is "Watch it!")


that worked ty! but I have another issue… It won’t let me preview that part of the script

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Is it an issue with an error that pops up?

If it’s just that the elif scene won’t play then:
Did you preview it on the app? Considering this is a branched choice effected by a previous choice and the portal doesn’t remember choices.

So either click on the script as to where you want to preview, so like after the }elif (Nice or mean is "Watch it!"){ and in the scene, and preview, or play your story on the app and check the different routes there (if/elif/else).

i tried the app but it just says its the end of the story when it gets to the part

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Did you try playing a previous episode with where you had to make the choice? Along with this episode.

the choice and remembering part is in the same chapter. could that be the problem?

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No, not at all.

If you’re comfortable, could you send your story link? I’ll check it out. Along with a new screenshot of the script.


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Okay! I think I know what the issue is.

You have only two choices.

So it must be like this:

if (Nice or mean is "I'm so sorry"){



Use if/elif/else if you have 3 choices or more. If you have two, use if/else.

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Remove (Nice or mean is “Watch it!”) on line 328.

Line 328 must only be }else {

okay and I keep the if one

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Like how I showed you here:

okay. sorry if i’m asking for to much but can you check if it works on the readers side?

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No need to apologize and of course, I can!

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The scene shows up. But when I picked the first choice, it showed me the 2nd dialogue. Though second choice works, it showed me the right dialogue.

Did you make sure to write in the right dialogue for the if (Nice or mean is --) ?

i can send sc of the coding i did

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