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umm this doesnt make sence to me.

I guess you got the template from somebody and you dont know how lables and goto works right?:grin:

label marks a line in script and goto sends reader to that specific line (from any place in the script)

so you always have goto and lable with the same name in the script.

I dont see the whole code so I cant tell you where should be this lable

but basicly you have goto end in choice “I slay” ( nothing wrong about that)

But you have to add in the script label end to that place where the script should go after reader hits the I slay option.

@Farah_DeSantis. OMG OMG it was so easy I feel so dum rn :joy: :sob:

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nah dont feel so lerning třhe coding takes time.

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@Farah_DeSantis. For some reason on the male on when I did label end .It doesn’t work.Because when I press choice “yes he is hot” when I press on it The customisation starts again .

you cant have 2 lables with same name because the scriprt then will not know where to send the reader.

You cant use the same cc template in the samechapter for 2characters. Ealter use the one from dara. amatie she hes templates for multiple characters. Or you will have to change name of all goto and label in the template for the nale character manually.

so if the problem is only with this label

change it to

label end2
and you have to change all gotos in this template to

goto end2 ( or it will jump to the female lable end)

omg it worked ty so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

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