Choices error script

Hi! I need help with my script choices !

before you write choice you need dialogue, for example if its to choose an outfit, you write:

What should I wear?


Ohhhh okay! Thank you so much!

I now have this error

It should be this…

} “I feel scared” {
I actually feel scared…
} " " {

And so on :grin:

I’m sorry have I done it right?

The choice has to be against the left (no spaces) and when the character is saying something you don’t need the " " (only use them for the choice options) :upside_down_face:

Okay thank you!

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Now it’s saying this :persevere:

Can you post the updated script?


delete the first bracket on the line where you have eror

“first choice” {

it might also happen the script will not like that you have the space(empty line) between the word choice and next line.

Hi! Don’t use tabs when you’re writing the choices. Keep everything aligned to left.

Follow this format:

"Choice 1" {
#Script for choice
} "Choice 2" {
#Script for choice
} "Choice 3" {
#Script for choice

Ah okay, I’ll try that thank you!

Like this?

It says on like 4453 that the } isn’t the same as {

It’s okay I have done it thank you all for your help

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