Choices help needed

Hi, I’ve mastered how to do clothing choices, but I’m stuck on this choice action
It’s a phone conversation taking place and I want a choice of what you think the character has called the other character for
This is what I have, where am I going wrong?
Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:
And to anyone who does help (as I have said before in other dilemma questions) I will give credit to all who help at the end of my book I am in the middle of “The Newland Twins” :wink: choice|690x390

Here’s the pic of script, I don’t think it attached to the message above

Hi, I think I can help, just let me read through it.

You did a { instead of a }

On line 1672

Oh wait youve acc done it every time you need to add { after the choices not }

You need to close your choices with a }. So, like this:

“Trouble in Paradise?” {
KATIE (talk_phone_happy_loop)
You’ve got all banged up and you want me to come round so you can have a pint with Adam etc.
No, it’s not that.
} “You’ve been nicked?” {
KATIE (talk_phone_happy_loop)
You’ve got all banged up and you need me and Conner to bail you out?
No, it’s not that.
} “next choice” {

Yep (:smile:

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cheers guys, works now :slight_smile:

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