Choices, if, else, choice BRANCHING ERROR... meh

Sooooo my new story is heavily directed :persevere: with lots of branching, choices that matter and the points system!

I cannnooooottttt find the problem here. I have a PAST CHOICE that needs to be remembered WITHIN a choice? If that makes sense. I’ve been looking at my screen so long I don’t think I can see straight lol. :unamused:

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did you check out Dara’s how to on it

yes… :pensive: I even copied and pasted her coding! Replaced the names of my labels of course

I suck at If/else BUT are you making sure

Remove those straight brackets [ ]. Those are only there in my examples to show where you should write your script for each choice. You also need closing brackets for each “else”

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Ah that’s what I get for copying and pasting! Thank you! I think all of them are closed but now another error popped up…

Remove those brackets on lines 1189 and 1212

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