Choices in Choices Help

Hey Guys,
I need some help with my story. I wanted to put a choice(yes or no) inside of a choice from the script template (first name). As you can see from the attachment I am having major trouble with this.
Please help.
Thank you.!

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I also have trouble with putting choices in choices. What works for me is to use labels. :blush:

goto label

label label

I’m a bit confused :sweat_smile: do you have a screenshot? If you don’t mind you could send it. It’s understandable if you do not want to do it. I’ll try to do it with what you gave.:blush:

Sorry my example was bad! Wait a sec

:sweat_smile: Sure

I apparently have a choice within a choice just by writing choice! hehe

“Yes” and “No” are one choice
“snacks”, “water” etc is another

Where do you want to put your other choice? Before “else”?

Yes before else…

Okay, do you want it after the reader has entered a non-empty name? Then you can try to have the “yes” “no” choice after the goto label.

Okay I’ll try and let you know.
Thanks again!

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And episode code wants choices after dialogues so you might need to have the NARRATOR say something. (If it doesn’t work.)

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Okay will do

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Lol… It didn’t work

Sorry for being confusing!

If you want the choice to come after a non-empty name you should put it over continue in else.

You will never come to the choice by putting it after the goto label hehe

Then you can try to have the “yes” “no” choice after the goto label.

Incorrect statement by me:arrow_up:

Good luck!

PM me if you need (I don’t know if I can help).

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Thanks I’ll try.

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Hahaha :brainfart: I’m not in my right mind

:sweat_smile: It’s okay and hope you will be in your right mind soon. hehe

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Haha thanks :laughing: Me too

Thanks for your patients, tell me if it works! :blush:

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I will.:smiley:

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The problem is you have a label inside of a choice.

OK remove this: on line 43, get rid of label first_name_input

delete lines 47-56, so all you have is (ex.):

Maya is the main character of this story-you.
Do you want to change her name?

“Hell yeah, I have something in mind!”{

So, what’s your name?

input What is your name? | What is your name? | Done (MAYA)

}“Nevermind bla bla bla”{


#continue story