Choices in My Story?

I’m in the process of writing my story, and I was just wondering if it needs choices? I know how to write in choices, I just feel like it wouldn’t go. If my story is interesting enough, do you think the audience will look past the lack of choice-making? Also, should I put a disclaimer that there won’t be barely any choices, or should I let the reader figure that out as they read the story?


No way! If your story is great and already planned out with a story line then there’s no need for choices. Don’t feel pressure to add choices love if that’s not what you want! And tbh I actually prefer stories without choices :))) But it is best to let them know ahead that there won’t be choices.


You don’t need them, but you will probably lose some readers if you don’t have any. I personally would like to know right away that they are no choices.

I’ve liked a few stories without choices, but they’re not my favourites. I prefer to be at least a little involved, even if they choices are inconsequential. However I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t care.


Thank you for your input!

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Thank you! I’ll be sure to put a disclaimer, and I’ll try to see if I can add choices, even if they are just clothing options.

I think a lot of readers would look past that, a good story is a good story regardless of how many choices there are (at least to me). It’s your story and if you feel choices wouldn’t work, they probably wouldn’t. As for the disclaimer, it probably couldn’t hurt to add one in. It’s really up to you! Happy writing :hugs:


Thanks for replying! I’ll def add a disclaimer!

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Like others have said, you might want to say beforehand that there will be no choices :slight_smile: Personally the appeal of a the whole Episode app is the choices, but you could for sure just have a story without any if that’s what you want!


Thank you for replying! I’ll think about what you said while writing my story.

Personally, I take the plot into consideration more than choices. I have loved some stories that have no choices at all, because the plot has been interesting and has kept my attention. Plus I get to sit back and just enjoy the story, without having to consider choices or dive into a thinking process for deciding the characters fate.
That’s not to say I don’t enjoy choices too, because I do, but I think that they should be secondary to the plot.
In other words make the best story you can on the app, and if choices fit naturally into it, add them. If they don’t, leave them out.

It’s much better to leave them out than to force them in to cater to people’s like of choices, because when they don’t belong there, it really shows and takes away from the story.



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Than you, this really helped me with whether I should include choices or not :slight_smile:

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I prefer stories when I am involnved, I read stories without choices but they aren’t my favourite and I often stop reading them before reach the end… but at the same time I think that many other people will read it anyway :kissing_heart:

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100% agree with this.

I think it’s important to add choices once you know the characters and the plot, sometimes authors add impactful choices in the first chapter (when I’m just getting to know the story) and I don’t like that.

But to answer your question…

I think it’s best to stick to what fits your story. I think that choices don’t make sense in some stories, but are relevant to other stories (if you have 2 LI for example).


Some people like a lot of choices, some will read stories without them.

If you want to broaden your potential reader base between the two you can always add choices that “feel” important but don’t actually change or affect the direction of the story. A quick way for that is outfit choices, dialogue choices, spot choices (I.E. if it’s a romance, you can let readers choose where they go on the date. Or in a mystery you can make a choice to “investigate” 3 different locations and place 3 clues to find. etc.)

That way it feels interactive enough to keep the ones who want some choices without derailing your story development.

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Ah that makes sense, thank you :slight_smile:

I see, good advise thank you!

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