Choices in stories

Hey, I was wondering how many choices do you think should be in an episode?

I’d say at least 3

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I don’t really care about choices. I prefer reading a story with a very few choices to one with a lot of pointless choices like what you want to eat, which direction you go. It also annoys me when I have to decide how to react when people are being mean to “me”. Come on, put them in their place, don’t just stand there awkwardly! These kind of choices feel like the characters are either not able to make their own decisions or the author tries to force choices where they are not needed at all. I’m not saying that choices should necessarily have a huge impact on the story, but I like to have the illusion that something happened.
I have to admit I rarely use meaningful choices in my stories, but I try to make them at least funny or somewhat creative. Since this is not easy I usually have only one choice per episode.


I prefer at least 5, depending on the pace of the story

I agree, unnecessary choices are stupid. But choices that clearly have an impact on the story I love them.

On the tutorial page it states there should be a choice every few scenes, I would say that isn’t enough, make one choice a main choice that shapes the story, and put in a few others just for fun, (for example, outfit changes, who to talk to, whether or not to go to sleep).

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I think according to @Purple_Ghost’s survey 3+ was wanted

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I try for at least 4 an episode, spaced out. But depending on the story, sometimes it can be easy to add a lot of impactful choices and sometimes I struggle with getting in 3 choices that matter at all…

About 3 and maybe an outfit choice, but it depends on how the chapter is flowing, don’t just add pointless choices because you need to add more.


Yes, my survey thing says that people prefer reading stories that have more than 3 choices in each chapter.
I personally think around 3 is good if it is an important choice. I don’t care for a ton of meaningless choices.

If you want to see more of the reader opinion story, click here.


I think you can get away with having fewer choices if each choice takes the story in an obviously very different direction.
Of course, it does not matter how many choices you have if they hold no meaning beyond eating pizza or cupcakes.

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I aim for at least three, but it’s not always possible. Most of my choices significantly impact the story. It’s really hard to add a lot of those (I aim for at least 1 material choice per episode). The other choices I’ll include will be responses (and occasionally outfits. That depends on the story) BUT sometimes an episode just has to go a certain way. Sometimes I really struggle adding in choices because there’s only really one way a character would respond/act or only one course of action that I want the story to take (and I HATE choices where you say you don’t want to do something, but end up being forced to do it anyway).

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Personally, I believe it depends on the story; however, the choices should impact the story, not like outfit choices- those are nice, but don’t overdo it- it’s better for a love interest or something like that.

In my story, most of my choices are things like asking certain questions in order to get specific information from a character (in this case, you can only ask one question), reacting a certain way which determines how a character will respond to you, choosing an outfit, or deciding who to play as in a scene so that you get to see the same scene from different points of view.

However, I’m finding it much more difficult to incorporate choices in the new story I’m working on because it’s an adaptation of a story I wrote a long time ago and since I know how I want the story to go, I’m trying to decide where I can add choices.

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