Choices must follow dialog immediately, not a branch


Please help, i do not understand it at all! I’m new, sorry if this is really easy


Exactly what it says: You need to have a character say something right before the choice. At the moment, you have a bracket


Thank you so much!


Welcome :blush:


^^ Like think about any Episode story you’ve read when you make a choice; It shows a piece of dialogue (for example, a thought bubble saying “What should I wear today?”) and then underneath the options of the choice will appear. So you need to have a character say something for the choices to appear under.

Also… this is sort of unsolicited advice but I’m looking at your screenshot and it seems like you don’t actually give your readers a choice… it should look like this:

     Do you want to hear the backstories?

choice “No, I want to find out on my own.” {

     Are you sure?

choice “Yes, I’m sure. Let’s just get to the story.” {

     Okay, you do you.

goto backstories_end
} “No, I take it back; I want to hear the backstories.” {

     Good choice!

goto backstories
} “Yes, I want to know everything!” {

     Good choice!

goto backstories

label backstories
[insert all your backstories here]

     Now you're all caught up! On with the story!

label backstories_end
[continue with your story]


Oh gosh, I just realized my story is all sorts of messed up! Thank you so much for this. It truly is super helpful!


No problem! If you are having other issues with branching or coding, you can message me; I like to help with these sorts of things.