Choices not working

Hi, I’m having some trouble with my script remembering a choice.
I tried gains and they didn’t work, so I’m now using the point system.

Previous episode:

Which bathing suit would you like Vanessa to wear?

"Red Monokini now, blue later "{

@VANESSA changes into VANESSA_swim1

@RED +2
“Blue Monokini now, red later”{

@BLUE +2

Where the choice Impacts the story:

if (RED = 1){

@VANESSA is dustoff_loop
@VANESSA changes into VANESSA_swimv1 (This is the red bathing suit)


@VANESSA is dustoff_loop
@VANESSA changes into VANESSA_swimv2 (This is the blue bathing suit)


Even if I chose" blue monokini now, red later" she always puts the blue bathing suit on again.
Does anyone know where I’m going wrong?

You forgot @MC changes into command under the second choice

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Thank you so much! Ugh it seems like such a silly mistake now, LOL. thank you thank you xx

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You’re welcome!

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @EpisodeHoneyy!