Choices or none πŸ™„πŸ™„

What do you guys prefer:
Stories with choices or none at all

Please vote:

  • Choices
  • No choices

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it’s good to have some stories with no choices at all, just a story that’s just a story. tbh.


either !! literally no preference as long as it’s written well

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Personally I write mostly no choices but I don’t mind them but if I do read choices I like puzzles or mysteries :eyes:

It honestly just depends on the genre. If it’s a mystery or horror, then I think it should. But romance and drama, not really unless the choices matter.

In my opinion, choices are only good when they impact only key moments. Not a spam of choices that don’t really end up being meaningful at all.

Personally, I prefer stories without choices, but I’ll read stories with them, too.


I prefer no choices with an interesting plot.

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I prefer no choices unless they truly matter.

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i mean i dont mind if there’s choices or not but it’ll be good for a story with no choices at lest to have the choice to change their hairstyle lipstick and outfit :sparkles:


Yeah I agree with this. I do like picking my outfit and lipstick in a story too.

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ok maybe the minority here, but i like lots of choices that dont really do anything. like just cute little comments between the characters. i get kind of stressed when i make an important choice (im kind of bad at this irl too :pleading_face:)

Personally I prefer stories with choices cause I have read many stories without choices and for me it was boring, cause choices make it more better depending the choices u choose will have effect your fate! Choices make u more involved with the story. This my opinion @Ebony2 if u want I can always help u girl thanks for the tag :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::kissing:-

I typically write with little choices. But they affect the story by a lot depending on the choice u choose.