Choices? Or Not To Choices?


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I am currently writing my own episode story and I am just curious on people’s opinions on choices. For instance if an author wrote a story with the plot already planned out and had less choices that mattered and just dressing games and different scene dialogue would you be uninterested in reading it. Me personally I could care less about choices. I know I personally get anxiety when a story has a lot of choices that matter. But that is just me.

Please leave me your opinion down below as it will help me with writing my story.


I love choices that actually matter and make differences in stories. I’m currently writing my own story and I write different branches for each choice there is. Complicated and time consuming of course :sweat_smile: but if I want readers to enjoy every part of it, I need to love every part, too. I personally think that if I don’t add in much choices, it’d be rather boring and my readers won’t be able to discover many things such as feelings and adventures. I like them to really feel MATTERED and CHOOSE THEIR STORY because that’s what Episode is about, right?

That’s my opinion.


Hi :dancing_women:
If you ask me… I would say the same - I could care less about the choices. Because what matters to me is the content of the story . If I love it - I love it. Story could have no choices at all and I wouldn’t be bothered :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts:But some people might say, that the choices makes the story more interesting. :unamused:

I don’t know if my answer will help you at all, just thought I will say what I think about it.And good luck with writing :wink:


I like both type of stories, with or without choices. My opinion on them would be that if you’re going to have choices they have to matter. Otherwise stories without choices are cool too if the story line is engaging!


Honestly I hate choices that does not make any difference, except for the depressing ofcorce.


For me, i notice myself skipping over choices that seem meaningless a lot of the time, and big choices I want to make can be expensive with gems sometimes, however, if they are done right, they can give readers control and that is what i like to do for my readers! I spend a lot of time making choices dynamic and different for the reader to choose, however, im starting to notice it making me tired. If it makes me too tired, i find a way to tie the story down, so it doesnt have so many loose ends or too many choices. For me, i have had stories with not too many choices and many choices, and what sticks out most is the story content, not the choices! If your content is good then you should be fine :)!


I personally don’t mind the choices. I think that choices that matter are cool, but if the story has a good storyline I don’t mind. I personally make my stories in a way where there’s only one love interest and most choices aren’t too important. But that’s just me because I personally am more used to writing like, a real novel. So, my answer would be that I don’t really mind if the story is well done. Maybe have a few choices that matter? Like, not a lot, but at least a few.


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I have read all of your responses and I am really appreciative of your answers. It is really helpful for new authors to understand the different opinions to the different aspects of writing. Thank you so much for replying to my thread as this has made a huge impact on how I will plan out my stories! :blush:


I really like dressing and dialogue choices, it gives it that little bit of interactivity I like. I also get anxiety when choices matter, and sometimes I won’t read a story b/c that’s advertised. I’m ok with a few choices that matter, but only if they don’t change the entire story. I don’t like it when there are right and wrong choices, because I get frusturated when I get it wrong.


Thank you so much for reply! :blush: