Choices problem


Hi, so I’m currently creating my first story on my phone, and I’m trying to do something that I’ve seen a lot on episodes. It’s where the main character says “what should I wear” and gives you a few options, and when you click one you can either say wear or don’t wear (wear being go on with your day, don’t being go back to the menu) but I can’t figure it out. Any suggestions?


U use a label

Label dressing_game


Goto finish
Goto dressing_game


I’m pretty stupid wut does that mean? I get the label thing but after that?


U use the goto


Or just click on the script templates in the column on the right and click on choice : outfit :slight_smile:


If you’re on the episodeinteractive .com, that is code you would add into your script. I’m not sure if you’re on the create section on your episode app but that is the code you would type in on your script


MC (yawn_bored)
I’m so tired.

label dressing_game

MC (talk_think)
What should I wear?

“Outfit 1” {

@MC changes into Outfit_1

“Outfit 2” {

@MC changes into Outfit_2

“Outfit 3” {

@MC changes into Outfit_3


MC (talk_think)
Should I wear this?

“Yes!” {

@MC is primp

“Let’s see my other options” {

goto dressing_game


This is basic and is for beginners, once you get more used to coding I’d recommend learning how to remember choices and using if/elif commands as well as gains