Choices stories

Any stories like a Alusza,j Miley or picalilies with the three choice options instead of just two


You might like, LI1, LI2 or single? Or do you mean something else?

Hey there,

My new story is “Twice In A Lifetime” which is a sequel/spinoff of my first story “Unexpected Perfection”. This would meet your requirements!

CC : Yes
Description : For Everly and Lucas it was love at first sight. When she wakes up from a coma with no memory of him, will he succeed in making her fall in love with him once again?
Genre : Romance
Art Scenes : Yes
Choices : Choices Matter, Points System
Gems : Top Up Points and Support the Author, Unlock Bonus Scenes if Points Insufficient
Episodes Published : 14
Link :

Copy of Twice In A Lifetime-2