Choices that ends the story


Anybody knows or could explain to me how to ends a path of choices that changes the story to end the story, without ends the story for every choice? What is the code for that? Like in the story “Bad boy bachelor”, killing or have some different final for the character.


you would have to use the if/elif/else method.


Here’s a guide on how to use it HERE


I think for Bad Boy Bachelor they used labels. So if the first label was start, if you picked the wrong choice, it would be goto start and you’d just keep looping until you got the right ending


I just don’t know how to end it, probably have a different code for it.


Good idea, I can try it.


yeah I re-read it so it’s probably labels


Thank you. This link will be helpful, cause I am a new writer, but since I didn’t saw tips about that I asked.


Did you get your questions answered? :slight_smile:


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