Choices that loop back!

So I’m writing a story and I am in a scene where I want questions to be displayed in a choice. So they would ask a question like ‘how old are you?’ and then the other character would answer with ‘17’ then a choice would appear with ‘would you like to ask more’ then it would loop back to the show of questions, or another answer with ‘no thats all’ and the choice would end. I don’t know how to make a choice like that though, so if anyone does then please let me know how ahah! Hope this makes sense. :smiley:

Take a look at this! (:

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That’s actually really useful I just had a quick read, will read it more in detail now. Thankyouu!!

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No problem!

I also have another question quickly, when a character changes clothes how do you make them dustoff whilst they do it. So they will ‘dustoff’ and change their outfit so they dont just pop into a new outfit haha. Am I making sense?

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I personally like doing this when to comes to outfit changes:

@CHARACTER is dustoff_loop
@pause for 0.5
@CHARACTER changes into Outfit1
@CHARACTER is shiftweight

^^^The following animations are in INK but it works the same for LL, the pause would allow the character to “dustoff” for a bit before their outfit changes and the “shiftweight” is what I put after they change so it wouldn’t look like the character is constantly doing the dustoff animation, hope this helps! You can of course change the pause and animations to your preference!

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Most helpful bit! Thankyou, will help a lot! I use Ink ahah personally prefer it to LL, Thank you so much for your help!! :blush:

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Not a problem! :smile:

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