Choices that seem like they matter but don’t

What are some choices that could look like they matter but in the end don’t actually matter?

So what I mean is the reader is given 2 choices which both look like they matter but both give near enough the same out come.

So for example from @JosephEvans

You are given the choice to either let a person out of prison or keep them there. Regardless of the outcome the person escapes but what makes it look important is this.

If the reader chooses to let them out, the person attacks the main character and runs away. Making the reader think “I shouldn’t of let them out.”

If the reader chooses to not let them out, then the person digs a hole in the cell to escape and then attacks the MC for not helping them.
This makes the reader think “maybe I should have helped them.”

Could you give some examples of choices like this?


Reaction choices? You could let the reader get angry or sad and then come back to the plot

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most choices dont matter, its hard to make them. because a story has to go the same way. actually I think the one you described is a pretty good one because it changed the out come of the scenes

what i think is choices there dont matter is when they ask stuff like. do you wanna go on date with him. and you say no but are still forced to go on that. just choices there say they are a choice but when you dont take the option the author want you to they force you to do it anyway. like if you are doing this I dont want the choice at all.

in the Demi lovvato story. there was a scene where I could pick to copy Maria. but no matter what she ended up doing it. but it was still a choice. if they had made MCs best friend convince her to do it anyway it would have been a fake choice with out meaning. but instead her manager call get the producers to do it without MC realicing before she was on stage. but there is another choice where they ask who I want to win the contest and no matter who I pick it will be Marias Little brother who wins

or another kind I hate. when you pick a choice and the author tells you its the wrong one and you have to pick again

I dont remeber the story. but one where MC had to break out I had the option to distrect the guard or ask to go the bathroom. I picked bathroom. it was actually a really long scene before she got caught and I had to go back. it legit said you picked wrong and send me back. like I picked the wrong choice in a video game died and had to go back to a save point. and that was really anoying

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i made my reader choose between going shopping with their guardian devil or go to school. Regardless of whatever the reader chooses they still meet the same people or the same action occurs no matter what they choose.

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When choices matter in this story But the only choice you have is at the end (No hate)

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