Choices trouble Error no braces when there is one

Somebody pls HALP! I keep getting this message but there is nothing wrong with my script! If someone knows how to fix it or sees a mistake plz tell me or if you have had the same thing tell me how you solved it!

Are u still having that problem?

Yes, I have had it for 2 days now.

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Actually there is a problem with your script.

you can’t put
{ } these two like this on the same line

because one of them is just for being in the choice and the other one is for ending it.

“Option 1” {
Bla bla bla
}“Option 2”{
Bla bla bla
ok, notice how option 2 has 2 of { these around it, it has to go around it like this: } { like how it is in the example or it won’t work. Same for the third choice or all the other choices after the first one
}“Option 3”{
Bla bla bla
this is the ending bracket that separates the choices from your actual dialogue. It has to go at the end of all of your choices like how I have it in the example. Otherwise whatever text you have after that will be part of the choice: Option 3. I have to go to bed now, so I won’t be able to answer your questions at the moment. Hope you fix it.

I tried that, and my choices are just closed up so that the picture shows that they all are complete and all 3 choices have braces ({}) around them.

If I open up the choices they will look like how you wrote in your examples.

Can you show me a pic?

Sure here is photo of each of 3 choices.

Under Nervous by Shawn Mendez, transition is spelled wrong. Fix that : )

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Nice catch but it still says the same thing ugh.

Are u still having the same problem?


On line 257 there is no bracket in the beginning

That’s because it’s the first choice. But never mind I erased the choice and just retyped it all and now it’s fine. So I guess it was just a glitch.

Could @Sydney_H please close the topic? We didn’t really find a solution, but I believe it was just a glitch. :purple_heart:
Thank You to everyone who tried to help.

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink:

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