Choices, what am I doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong?

I am trying to create a choice, but I can only make the beginning sign { - but when I try to make the end sign } - it will just not type it…

Can you post a screenshot of your script here?

I can try:

so you can’t add a bracket on line 43 and 45?


Or if you want there to just be choices and not a speechbubble (I’m guessing because you put a … message) try this:


Okay, I’m trying to do it like you, but when I want to ad the brancket, it’s like the key is invalide?

you need to add } bracket on the beginning of line 41 and on line 43 }

Yes that is what I’m trying to do, - but it’s like the key is invalide…

I can use it here } but not on the script - It is strange…

you mean you can’t make a curly bracket on your keyboard?

Yes. I can make starter curly brancket {
But when I press the matching } It will not show.

As you can see, I can make it here, but not in the script.

did you try exit and enter the story?

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That did the trick.

Thank you so much :smile:

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