Choices with character points

Hi, I was wondering how to make special choices depending on a certain amount of character points, meaning:

If the character has more than x total points, you have the option to make a special choice, but if character has less than x total points the choice will be seen as locked.

I know that Mette Peleikis has used this method before, in her story BroZoned for example, but I don’t know if anyone knows how to code it.

To add points to character you do


and when it comes to choices with points

if (CHARACTER > 1) {

Congrats you have enough points to unlock this scene!

} elif (CHARACTER < 1 ) {

Sorry, you don’t get to unlock this scene.


And characters start with like 5 points already so at the beginning before you start adding points do @CHARACTER =0


Thank you so much :blush: :heart:

I’ve been stuck on this for quite awhile now!

I tried that, but this happened:


if (LEOR >1 ) {

} else {


delete the word choice and the actual choice from the if/else

delete “choice”

if (LEOR > 1) {

} else {


And then you can put labels to get the script to go to the certain questions.

Or just get rid of the actual choice and just cut it to the speech, like this.

if (LEOR > 1) {

LEOR (talk_neutral)
You’ve probably never heard of it… (so on.)

} else {


Oh God, I honestly have no idea what I’m doing and I feel really stupid :joy: :fearful:

Now it’s saying this:

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delete the choices from the if/else part “What island?” and “Greece, really?” also the brackets after them

Thank you for the help :slightly_smiling_face: