Choises that stick for more than one chapter?

I have an idea for my next story, but I don’t know if it’s even possible…

Here goes:

I want the MC make a choice in the first chapter, where she decide which one of 3 different characters, she will join for the rest of the story. But can I make choice, that will last for more than one chapter?

I hope you understand what I mean…

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yeah you use the if command

the choice shall look like this

choice (mom_shot)
“call 911” {


and when you need it

if (mom_shot is “call 911”) {


Okay great! :heart:
I’ll give it a try, at some point :slight_smile:

You can’t make it last throughout the chapters. You will have to use gains -
Who will you pick?
gain John
gain peter
gain mark

your story can go on as usual. But if you want to refer to any of these you would put the following

if (john){
scene for John here
}elif (peter){
scene for Peter here
scene for Mark here

Okay. Thank you :heart:

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