Choose a character for my story

Hey!!!I am writing a story and I just needed some characters.I will write the characters below and if you are interested to be one of those fill the form below:


Which character do you want to be?
What outfit do you want to wear?
What do you want your name to be?
Is there something you want your character to say?
Do you want me to credit you when you show up?
Character details


•solo singer
•duet partner(only two people)
•background singer
•background dancer
•solo dancer
•duet dancer(only two people)

Thank you!!!

I would like to be a solo dancer.
I would like to wear :arrow_right:Double Button Shorts Denim Blue Marine with Base Ball Tee Tied Cotton Red True and Chunky Sneakers Leather Pastel Pink
My name will be Sabrina
I don’t want my character to say something and I want to credit me

Ink or Limelight!!!


Ohhh, I forgot to ask.What are your character details?

Skin: Rose 03
Face: Heart Defined
Brow: Round Thin High
Eyes: Monolide Slender ( Brown Black)
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips :Full heart Pouty
Hair :Long Wavy Parted Hair (Chestnut Brown)

Thank you!!!

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Solo singer
Name: Rowen (If you like it, if not I don’t mind)
Any outfit
Can you credit me when I come up

Character details:
Skin tone : Copper 03
Eyebrows : Arched Natural (Chestnut brown)
Eyes: Round Wide (Dark Brown)
Lips:Small mouth (Any colour)
Hair: Long straight loose solid (Blond medium)
Nose:Defined Natural

If you don’t like my character, that’s ok

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Ok, thanks!!!

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