Hey there! I am currently tossing between which storyline to choose…I have created a poll for you guys to decide which ones I should use. The story will be in limelight and the titles are undecided!


• Growing up you learned not to ask questions about your family’s business, they sent you away to keep you safe…but what happens when you get pulled back into the mix with a hot Mafia leader out for blood?


• 135 years ago, the world got taken over by angry criminals. You hid with the rest of the good people underground but what happens when you get stranded on the surface…look out, they hold a grudge!


• You were screwed over years ago, but all this time you have been training to get revenge. Now you get thrown back into the mix with the Mafia…they’ll never see you coming…


• Being an assassin is your life. You don’t ask questions, you just kill. But what happens when you become the target? Will you uncover the secrets that have kept you in the dark…?


I ran away from that life and I never looked back. But why did you have to pull me in again? I am stuck now. I shouldn’t have strayed from my mission to blend in…


• Being a genius comes with its perks when you are out for revenge against the Mafia but is it too much to handle, even for you? Especially with a hot Mafia leader keeping his eye on you…


• You were kept in the dark for so long about what happened when you decided to join the family business…Look out my Mafia Family, I’m going to take away everything you cherish…

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If anyone has any feedback please reply here or PM me!<3

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I think there are more than enough mafia stories on Episdoe for the rest of century :laughing: So I voted for 4! :slight_smile:


I love 2! I feel there are so many mafia stories that I just don’t read because it’s so cliche. But it’s your choice love!


I picked 4 cause it’s something I would read and really be into

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Number 4 for sure! And to spice things a little, guy/girl who wants to kill mc, could be her/his love interest. Just a suggestion :wink:

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