"Choose Your Own Path" Type Stories

Hey guys! So, one day I was thinking of Episode and comparing it to those Choose Your Own Adventure books. I feel like people see it (or it was intended to be like that) as that.

For example, you could choose certain outcomes in the book, by turning to a certain page.

There are really good stories on Episode that are LIKE that, but, I don’t really see them that often.

Well, I wanted to make a story like that, but with a lot more possible outcomes, like the choose your own adventure books.

What do you think of that idea? And do you prefer these types of stories? Where YOU are the main character, and the story is in YOUR perspective?


Yeah I like it when i’m the main character and I definitely love it when choices matter.

Example: I have my phone and Alan isn’t here, should I risk it and call or don’t do anything?

Like it makes a really good story when choices matter :heartbeat:

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Yeah, I personally love stories that aren’t like that, but thought it would be really cool writing it, since it isn’t something I am used to and out of my comfort zone.

Basically it’s going to be about this girl in a amazing world, but then she realizes that she’s dreaming, and that she’s trapped in this world.


I personally love that kind of stories like choosing our destiny with mattering choices and different ending etc. But I don’t like the fact that we have to be a good girl all the time for good relationship points. But I think it’s still better than the stories with only one ending

I really like that type of story, you should do it!

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Well I don’t really like stories like that mostly because sometimes they seem rushed. Now I know that that is not the case and that they take a lot of time but stories that don’t have choices that matter just have a lot more story if you get what I mean? the idea is awesome but if you are going to do it take all the time you need


I enjoy reading stories where choices matter, because it seems more interesting, and it makes me feel like I’m really the person in the story, experiencing the same things they are.

HOWEVER, I don’t enjoy reading rushed stories, where the quality could be better, and the outcomes of picking each choice could have had more oomph to them. :kissing_heart:

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