Choosing Gender and LI with Choices that Matter?

Hey guys! So I’m thikimg of writong a story where you can choose your gender and your LI gender preference. Now i have the basic branching nailed down for that but I’m wondering how you’d code choices that matter. Or what’s the easiest way.

I may be overcomplicating it but do you just make seperate labels and make sure to change tgem based on the branch? Does what I’m asking even make sense :sweat_smile: let me know your thoughts, thank you!

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The way I’m doing it at the moment is based on my specific way of choose your gender branching (the reader chooses the gender at the start of the story, then I use the @CHAR becomes CHAR command and they gain MALE or FEMALE), so it might not work for you if you’re using a different style.

If I have a choice that uses pronouns, I would use the if/if NOT choice filters.

"She's fine." if (FEMALE) {
# Female MC
"He's fine." if (MALE) {
# Male MC

As for gains, I only need to write the branches once and separate any use of pronouns by using if/elif/else. So the reader is still playing through the same story, but it’s less work for me :sweat_smile:

I used this one for my new story that I’m currently in the works, maybe it’ll help you out too?

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