Choosing gender and LL

So I know choosing gender and LL would require 4 scripts but what would be the easiest way to ensure all scenes use correct dialogue, pronouns customisation etc.

I know we can copy and paste but then we would have to go through all 4 scripts ensuring everything is correct (using Cntrl + F) would cause some issues such as changing all pronouns for everyone in the story and we would have to still go and change and outfits and customisation coding.

Would it be easier to do the following


Would you prefer a male or female character?

“Male” {
@version =0
goto LLchoice
@Version + 1
goto LLchoice

label LLchoice

What gender do you want your romantic interest to be?


“Male” {
@Version +1

“Female” {
@Version +3

This means if you choose
Male and Male =1
Male and female = 3
Female and female = 4
Female and Male =2

Then you would do this for each scene

Scene 1

if (Version =1)
Insert Male and Male scene

If (version =2)
Insert female and male

If (version =3)
Insert male and female

If (version 4)
Insert female and female

Scene 2 repeat

Scene 3 etc etc

I mean it would be a pain in the ass but would this be an easier way? :thinking: like it breaks it down into chunks so you can do it step by step


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