Choosing gender and your love interest gender in the same story

so if the reader chose a woman, and chose to date a woman do i have to create another ‘woman’ to put in the male section? like if a male choose to date a woman too i cant put two customization’s for one character in the same script.
really confusing i know, im confused my self! looking forward for help
@Dara.Amarie i used ur templates. so maybe you can help? thank you!


i think i kinda get what ur saying, maybe try using choices and labels

Go to my Linktree:
Go to my gender selection template and follow that, I think it might be what you’re after.

Also, you can make the MC gender options MAN & WOMAN, and for the love interest FEMALE & MALE, so that you don’t get the issue of duplicate errors.

i did exactly what you did in your template, but im still kind of confused and its quite hard for me, i have to copy and paste my story line and put it in each character storyline (woman/man - woman/woman - man/woman - man/man) and about customization i still didnt understand, should i do a double for each character so i dont get an error? like a double but name the love interests MAN and WOMAN and the mc gender options FEMALE and MALE? and about other chapters is there any way i cant repeat the whole script with ? sorry if this was too much but im still confused haha

Would you mind sending me a PM explaining this more clearly so that I can assist you? x