Chrissy and adam wedding

everyone chrissy and @AK16 is getting married

Hi I’m Adam

But you already knew that

Or did you


:balloon::tada::confetti_ball:CELEBRATION TIME!:confetti_ball::tada::balloon:

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I got the wine there parting on discord

omg @meadowh is the other woman

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Adam how dare you

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Also, @Sydney_H could you change this from Story Games & Role Playing to General Chat?

Haha yeah I’m the secret one he likes the mostttt :grin:

Did you die again?

he did welp

I’m so confused :joy:

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BRUh… what’s going on?

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I have no idea lol

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I don’t even know what Chrissy they are talkijg about they didn’t tag anyone

She is :joy:

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Omg :joy::joy:

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Yeah, I fell out of love with Chrissy, but I’m not divorcing her, and I am cheating on her

Which Chrissy?


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Cheating on her with me

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