ChRIsSy'S (first) Outline Contest!

Aaawwww! Isn’t this exciting :rofl:

Ok anywaaaaaays… Welcome to my OC!

I’ve made 2 outlines to choose between and the deadline is November 11th

outline 1

outline 2

watermark :smirk:

Please please please add my watermark to the final product… If you don’t you will be disqualified

u can make small changes to the outlines if needed

Also in the nicest way possible… If you steal or trace my outlines I will hunt you down… If it’s the last thing I do :slightly_smiling_face:

And what everyone was and is waiting for… PRIZES!

first place

Ummmm. I didn’t really think this threw MuCH…
I’ll make you 4 splashes
2 edits (keep in mind I’m kinda bad at edits)
A story review with screen shots
And a side roll in one of my stories

second place

2 splashes
1 edit
A story review and a small part in my one of my stories

third place

3 splashes
A story review
A small part in one of my stories :smiley:

And… Why not

fourth place

Either a story review or 2 splashes

… And a small speaking part in one of my stories.

Also… If ur gonna spam, keep it down to a minimum of 10 replys

ANYWAYS… Again good luck and don’t let this flop cuz I’m SUPER excited about this

People joining

Already handed in

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  • @///BabyBluesGotTheBlues
  • @///LucyLu
  • @///TalesByMim
  • @///Rainbowpower6876

I want the prizes but I cannot do this stuff to save my life :joy: :joy: :laughing: :laughing:

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:rofl: You gotta start somewhere… My first outline was… Really something

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tags cuz I'm getting desperate

Sorry but u didn’t want to get tagged
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Oop- sorry I don’t have time :))

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I have all the time in the world so i’ll Join.

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Yaaaasssa! Thank you so so so much :sparkling_heart:

Aww that’s fine… But thanks anyways :sparkling_heart:

No problem, i’m Bored and looking for contests anyways!

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Are we allowed to change them a little?

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Sure go ahead :blush:

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I don’t have the resources to draw rn but mb when I get my tablet! :blob_sun: :horse:

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Whenever you’re ready or want to :laughing::sparkling_heart:

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no seriously :cat_shocked:

Also I can’t draw for life- sorry :pensive:


Lol thAnKS :kissing_heart: … It’s cool… But u could for me :pleading_face:

Lol jk jk do whatever :joy:


I don’t know any editing programs :rofl:


Chrissss, imma join. :relieved:

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Oop lol I used Ibis paint for the outlines :joy:

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YYyyyyYaAAAasSSsSsS thanks

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