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Hey y’all,

It’s been a while since I’ve been here on episode. Ive been taking a break from it because as some of you may have known, my story has been taken down a year ago. It was because it contained excessive religious agendas. I’m very aware that Episode prohibits political agendas in stories. Does it apply to religion too? If so, I think that Episode should be more clear on that.

What are your thoughts?


Hey love I’m a believer and I just started writing my first episode Christian story. The first time I posted about Jesus it was flagged as inappropriate post on the forum and it was taken down. Episode said they have guidelines regarding religion. I love Jesus and I can’t help talking about him.

Title: I Am That I Am


My story hasn’t been flag or pointed as inappropate yet lol. Remember, the world was against Jesus first, so don’t worry if we are banned because of our faith.

Also, if you guys interested, my story is faith-based and entails Christianity elements. (THERES NO CURSING, DIRTY TALK, MALICE, AND ETC)

Name: Fake Christian
Genre: Drama
Author: Lordmy_Shepherd
Description: Jesus didn’t die for you to be ashamed of him. So why hide? Watch as you explore a life of a mediocre Christian transform into a confident daughter of God.
Style: Limelight


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Hey sister! Your story sounds amazing! I love simulation games but they are all so inappropriate, not willng to go back. Thank you for this.

P.S. I don’t know if you believe that the spiritual gifts are for today (I sure do!), but it would be amazing if someone made a story with them in it! Just a thought. Maybe I’ll do it myself…LOL!

Thank you again, for this! Continue to be a peculiar people, don’t compromise for anything! Keep your eyes on Jesus girl!

God bless, in Jesus mighty name!

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