Christians out there?


Are there any Christians out there? I don’t see many.
jesus loves u.


Heyyo I am Yeppers just have to search out ya know.


I went to Church school ?

Although I don’t identify as Christian.


it’s fine to be a christian really, you live in HIS power, HE gives love no one has ever felt before


True girly


sorry? I don’t understand


I’m a christian :smiley:


God bless you.


Living in His power and love.


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i agree, but i just personally don’t indentify as one.


well, that is ur choice. but i encourage you, God loves u no matter what


that’s one of the reasons I like Christianity even though I don’t indentify as a Christian!

it’s a very loving religion. the Christians I know that are really passionate about their religon are very welcoming & friendly to everyone.


y don’t you identify yourself as a christian then?


my parents aren’t Christian & I mostly went to Church school because it was a private school.

I use to be Athiest but then I decided that I’m too small in this universe to determine whether there’s a God or not. so, now I think there might be a God, or maybe Gods, or maybe even a Goddess instead. or maybe there’s nothing.

I really don’t know but I love learning about religions because I believe in all of them at least a little bit.


I know I shouldn’t say this on this topic…but I feel respected. I’m Bouddhist.


I’m one!!!


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Thanks for the compliment. I see too many ppl saying tht Christains are this evil and closed minded people thts not true v.v


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