Christmas Backgrounds/Request Thread *OPEN*

@ElleR working on the other one :wink:


It’s perfect thank you very much!

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np. ok. do u want me to add snow on trees and the other treee n bushes etc

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Yes for the other background right?


@ElleR this is what I have so far. Anything u want me to add. I am working on the trees and other landscape with snow.


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Yes!!! Oh wow this is so gooood!!! A little bit more snow would be nice.
And how should I credit you when I use them?

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Also can you remove the deer and santa on top of the house?

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what christmas decoration do u want me to add n yh ill add more snow

Maybe lights around the windows? If you can’t it looks good just like this.

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i can. ill try

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hey. almost done.



Amazing!!! Thank you so much for both of them.
How should I credit you?
I will be using them for my story: Unbreakable Bond

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np. u can credit me in your story @lanafrazer.episode

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Got it! <3

Hey I used one of these backgrounds for an edit I did. Would you mind if I posted it on my ig and gave you credit?



still working on yours. :wink: