Christmas gift list 🎄

Since it’s almost Christmas how about we create a big gift lift so everyone can get new ideas?
Everyone can add the ideas that they got until now and ask for advice etc,

I’ll go first.

For my mom: programmable coffee machine so she doesn’t have to drink cold coffee before working (she go to work at 4 a.m.) but I’m not sure
For my brother: a lil peep sweat shirt
For my other brother: a minecraft hat

People I still don’t have any ideas about wath to gift them: my dad and my boyfriend

What about you?


Get them something based on their interests or something that they need


My brother wants the new PS5 for Christmas this year and I told him I would get it if I won the lottery


Game consol PS5 for husband, 3D pen for son, album of the favourite band for myself. Also on the list was a drone (but it makes no sense), skates, tablet and phone. It’s so expensive, everything that they want. I am curious do you prepare something for yourself?

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I’m not sure yet, because I usually buy things fro myself just when I need it

Haha! I love it. :joy:

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but I am sure you can buy something just because you need it and it makes you happy

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