Christopher or Mason Shaw


For people who are currently reading “The Shaw Brothers”
Which Shaw Brother do you prefer & why?
I love Christopher Shaw. Hot bad boy & I love me some bad boys.
Mason is also a little too boring for my taste.


I agree. I like Christopher more. He is really my taste.


Yes! I love a good bad boy. :heart_eyes:


Christopher, all the way!


Glad we agree!
Masons hot too but no match for Christopher


Christopher has a better personality to me.


Agreed. He’s hotter, better personality and more chemistry with the MC




CHRISTOPHER. Nothing can change my mind lol!


I’d take Mason, whatever…

Chrissy boi is a little too cliché I think…

Also, there should be an option for Jade (even if it isn’t in the story but still)

OMG! This calls for a poll -

  • Christopher
  • Mason
  • Jade

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Christopher is so damn sexy and I just love me a bad boy.


christopher shaw

like how he’s portrayed, like he is unpredictable but with people he loves, he’s not
and he is HOT.


f*k yea


Who doesn’t just melt for Christopher?
He’s amazing.


U are damn right