Cillerie's Cover Requests! (OPEN)

Welcome to my Cover request thread!!


Look at my IG @epyxcillerie dw ill add more here soon


How many persons:
Limelight or ink:
(Its only episode poses not other)
Author name:

Pictures of characters (Needed):

Password:Paris :kissing_heart:
List / (look when it’s you)
@episode_katherinee 1
@Sarahsunshine 2
@LiyahxWrites 3
@lucywrites 4


Oooh may I request a cover? your art is bOotiful :heart_eyes:

Ooh, love your work! :blob_hearts:
Can I request a large cover?
Password: Paris :kissing_heart:


This is for ink.
Skin: Rosewood
Brow: Thick Flat
Hair: Messy Pixie
Eyes: Upturned Bold - Toffee
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round - Plum

If we’re allowed to have two characters then,
Skin: Toffee
Brow: Mature Round
Hair: Straight or the Long Voluminous Curls Loose in LL - Chestnut
Eyes: Round Bold - Hickory
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Full Round - Terracotta


I want it to be a headshot/stomach-up.



Pose reference.

Something like that, if possible.
Eve is in the back and Simone being in the front.
You can use the same expression that the pose reference has.

If you can only do one person, then,


This is ink.
Skin: Rosewood
Brow: Thick Flat
Hair: Messy Pixie
Eyes: Upturned Bold - Toffee
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round - Plum

Outfit - anything black and tight looking.


Can her face look either natural or happy?


Edited, updated: @Epyxcillerie
Here are the episode poses in ink.


This is Eve can she be behind Simone. Sort of like the reference photo. Of course, if you can’t do it like that, that’s fine. Just the idea?

This is Simone.

I don’t need the full bodies showing. Maybe the stomach and up.

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Hey! I know i didnt write anything about it before
But it can only be episode poses and i need picures of the characters in the poses
Sorry many times for the misunderstanding :heart:

Ofc! Just fill out the form :innocent:

Password: Paris


IG/FORUM NAME: lucyepy
DEADLINE: Two weeks.
How many persons: 2
Limelight or ink: limelight drawn
(Its only episode poses not other)

Theme: Dark/night maybe back to back in a garden
Titel: King Of My Heart
Author name: lucyepy

Female: Body: Neutral 03, Brow: Arched Natural Black Dark, Hair: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid Ash Blonde, Eyes: Deepset Almond Blue Green, Face: Square Defined, Nose: Round Button, Lips: Full Round Flat Top Skin Rose Light Nude Matte

Male: Body: Gold 03, Brow: straight medium jet black, Hair: messy undercut jet black, Eyes: deepset downturned lidded brown, Face: chiseled angular, Nose: hooked grecian, Mouth: full heart natural rose light nude matte, scar cheek, tat knife arm.

Female: Belted Jeans Denim Blue oxford, flat lace up sneakers grey/black, short sleeve double stripes shirt white red grey

Male: Skinny jeans rolled up black swoop neck short sleeve black, chelsea leather ankle boots black, scar cheek

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It’s completely okay. I’ll send that over in a bit and edit my post to fit your form.

Oml i love your art sooo much!
IG/FORUM NAME: ig @epyyy_rose or @rosella_whatever
DEADLINE: 4 weeks
How many persons: 2
Limelight or ink: ink
(Its only episode poses not other)

Theme: something nature or night
Titel: Sweet and Sour
Author name: Rose_R
female (Maddie) details: skin: light, brows: thin curved, hair: diva curls (chestnut), eyes: upturned feline (brown), face: oval, nose: elven, lips; full round (Dusty rose),
Male (Liam) details: skin: tan, brows: medium Sharp, hair: short cropped hair (black), eyes: stoic almond (toffee), face: diamond, nose: button, lips: uneven (terracotta)
I hope everything is correct :heart::heart::heart:

Name: I love your work!
IG/FORUM NAME: sunshinewriter_episode
DEADLINE: 2 months
How many persons: 2
Limelight or ink: Limelight drawn
(Its only episode poses not other)
Theme: So my 2 character have a love/hate relationship so the theme is a little dark

Titel: Someone to You
Author name: Sarah Medina
Male Character
Body: Copper 04
Brow: Furrowed Raised S
Brow Color: Deep Brown
Hair: Medium Side Curls
Hair Color: Deep Brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned
Eye Color: Grey Cool
Face: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Lips: Full Lower Lip Sharp
Lip Color: Rose Light Nude Gloss

Female Character
Body: Neutral 03
Brow: Arched Natural Scar
Brow Color: Deep Brown
Hair Style: Long Wavy Blowout
Hair Color: Deep Brown
Eyes: Round Medium
Eye Color: Hazel Dark
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Pouty
Lip Color: Pink Beige Matte

Password: Paris :kissing_heart:
Pictures of characters (Needed): Can I have my characters with their backs against each other
The reason I added the first photo is to show she has that nose piercing


Hey! Your request is accepted :smiley:

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Accepted!! :kissing:

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Ty!! Your request is accepted :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you offering cover requests for us! :heartpulse:

I know this is against the rules, but is it okay if I request a pfp instead of a cover? (So I can feature it throughout all my stories?)

(This is what I do as a outro… featuring people’s editing…)

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Awe tysm for the offer!! I’ll think about it since pfp requests is edited and will take 2 weeks in total for me working on it
But dm me real fast :smile:

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you got room for another request bub? :rofl:

I do :joy:

but do you do just normal, original episode poses?

I do yes

hmm… poofsticks

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you dont need to take my request then, its not a normal pose, but then its not advanced