Cille's winter art


@Star145 @LaurieKrisette @RRandomGGirl @awalls14 @WinterMoon05 @Charity1226 @Chocolate_Mama @TriggerWarning @sam.c @Goldenmoonwitch @fcukforcookies Hey just tagged random people that maybe want to request!


Lol. Hiya! Fellow artist. :black_heart:


Hi sorry for tagging ya :joy:


Hi! I don’t need to request, but nice art. :grin:


Thanks! Im pretty bored rn and i don’t really know people who would request…


Donnow how I ended in your list :smiley: I’m a very active artist myself. But hey, nice works, keep up)



Some of you that maybe know someone that would request?


Maybe @Angie.K? They were looking for some art earlier,


Try to enter art groups, there are more requests I think.
Btw, totally promoting now.


Lol im already in there


Hmm… Maybe :slight_smile:


Well, that’s awkward. I am a moron :smiley:








Hi! My name’s Amelia! Can I get an outro? If so here are the details!

What do you want? (Splash, Cover, Pfp, Background, Art scene, Character edit):
Outro Splash Please!

Details (If Characters wanted):

Ink or Limelight?: Ink


Anything cute or girly…

If Splash What to write?:
Thanks For Reading! To Be Continued!

If Cover The Title:

Do you need it ASAP?:
No, but if it could be ready in about a week? Or less. But if you need more then a week that’s totally okay!

Anything else?:
Can you add my Instagram at the bottom?

Thanks So Much!
Love, Amelia


Ofc! TYSM for requesting!!


Oh and should i draw her or just like makeup?


Could you do like a natural kind of sweet makeup?


Ok! I will show you what i made in a sec

Im not done yet but :slight_smile: