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Hi, welcome to my Art Request Thread!

Here’s how it works…
1. Make sure to provide me a description of the overlay you want.
2 If the overlay is connected to a background make sure you send me the background!
3. Make sure to credit me if you use an overlay that I have created.


  1. You will need to provide the background you want to use for your cover.
  2. Image of characters doing action that you want to use.
  3. Credit me.

Cover Request Information

Forum Name:
Story Name:
Author Name:
Main Genre of your story:
Short description about your story:
Characters for the covers doing the pose you want them to do.:
Background you want for the cover!:
Any other necessary information.:


Forum Name:
Description of overlays:


Forum Name:
The splashes you want:
To be continued…
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Author Name: (optional)
Type of background:
Characters doing the pose you want them to do:
Any other necessary information:



Cover examples



I need splashes for my new story

can I see some examples?


those are great


Would you like to request anything?


I was going to but…I forgot what it was :persevere::persevere:


do you do arm overlays?


I can try, it might not be the best. Send me the character please.


Here’s some examples. :point_down:t4::point_down:t4: @episodereaderfan



Hello! I’m looking for an arm sling/bandaged arm overlay (does that make any sense?)


What skin tone? @stormyartist.18


Rosewood- ink male!


He’s laying down in the lay_asleep_loop animation if that helps any


I’ll have it done as soon as possible. @stormyartist.18


Okay, thank you so much! I appreciate it. :blush:


Here are your overlays, I’ll PM you them!



Overlays?please help!

Here are your edits! @episode_kw



They look absoulutely amazing!


Do you remember now what you wanted to request? @_hxxd


Forum Name : Calithas
Story Name : Ghouls and Saints
Author Name : Calithas
Main Genre of your story : Romance
Short description about your story : You are a hybrid, a mixture between a Goddess and a Demon, but due to your half-blooded nature you are cast out of your own realm with nowhere to go other than to the humans, and taken in as a child you are raised in secret until your teenage years, still surrounded by the same humans day in and day out; or so you think. Demons, demi-gods, and angels alike roam this primarily human town, and in your new school you meet two potential love interests, your teacher and one of your peers. Who will you choose, the pure-blooded son of Satan himself, or your pure-hearted God of a teacher?

Small/Large/Both : Both if able!
Characters for the covers doing the pose you want them to do. :

Background you want for the cover! :
if you can! choose whatever you think fits if you don’t like it! <3
Any other necessary information. : A filter would be nice, but feel free to do whatever you want! <3


How do you want to cover to look? @Calithas