Cinematic//Spotlight//oh no..//CINEMATIC


Can you use ink full body and switch to limelight for one particular scene?

Like if I needed a new scene I can use Spotlight, but after the scene is done switch back to Cinematic again?

If Not, what cases have there been when you can do it?


You can’t.

Not yet.


Do you mean to go from cinematic to spotlight then back to cinematic?


<_>, Yes.

In that particular scene

set format spotlight

Then to switch back:

set format cinematic


Oh wow you CAN do that


Yes, but…how will it look…especially for one scene?
I don’t know how to code spotlight

so what if switching back to Cinematic makes it all text without the

@ commands?


The part doesn’t really make sense


There isn’t any directing for spotlight. You just use dialogue and that’s it. When you switch back to cinematic it just goes back to the regular way of directing.


Okay, I’ll try it and come back to bother you :smile:


Where do you put Set story to Spotlight and how?


Got it!

Just right after your background an before the very first dialogue!