Cinematic to Spotlight not previewing

The story in cinematic works perfectly, but when it switches to spotlight format the characters disappear and nothing is displayed. It basically freezes and does not work. Did I mess up the coding? There are no errors in my story at all.

UPDATE: I also tried going onto the Episode app and playing it on my phone but the same thing happens as in the preview.

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Did you play through the whole script to get the points for Cassidy? The script will not play through after line 286 if the points for Cassidy is not more than 1.

You can code this at line 279 if you don’t want to play through, it simply just adds 1 point to Cassidy. You can remove this line of code after you’ve finished testing.

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Well, I should have shown this part of the script too. There is another if statement that is if Cassidy has 0 points, then it goes and does this certain scene. I tried replaying it on my phone. The spotlight switch format works if Cassidy has 1 or more points, but does not work if Cassidy has exactly 0 points. Is it the way I worded the if command that it does not work if Cassidy has 0 points?

It should be
} elif (CASSIDY =0) {

That could be the problem.

UPDATE: I found out what was wrong. I did not put =0 for the if statement. It works now. Thank you for those that helped.