Cinnamon Toast's Book for Avoiding Drama: Psychology 101

Cinnamon Toast’s Book for Drama Avoiding: Psychology 101
I think the best way is to avoid drama, as much as possible. There are two kinds of people involved in Drama (if they start it)

  1. Because people like drama. Or else life’s too boring for them. So they look out to make little fights but always try to win because having drama is fun for them.
  2. Your relatives/friends/you killed their relatives/friends
    I’m kidding.
  3. Because they want to have attention. They post stuff on for people to see because they want the attention that comes with it. (Also, it’s fun for people to hate and love you)
    It’s kind of hard to explain. But from being a bystander, this is how it works out:
    Let’s say, there are these people:
    Joe’s Group
    Jojo’s Group
    1st scenario:
    Say, Jojo decides she’s bored. “I’ll start some drama!” he/she thinks.
    Starts it against Joe’s group, mainly directed at Joe for something minor or past, or anything, basically.
    Joe responds in either of two ways:
  4. Angry, causing more and basically making life easier for Jojo. This is the first problem here. This is not the correct response. This gives an advantage to Jojo.
  5. Calm
    By asking, but deflecting as well, this usually works the best
  6. Ignore
    This IS the best. Why? Because by ignoring them, they want to keep putting it against you. However, by continuously ignoring them, it is obvious they’re only trying to attract attention from people and you, which is not a good ending from them and at some point they’ll need to let it go.
    Now, this will go on and on, until Joe’s and Jojo’s groups both get involved if one chooses not to make a good decision. In the ned, the community will get involved, and this can usually end in two ways:
  7. Both sides getting something bad out of this, like reputation, or being banned.
  8. TEMPORARY peace
    Ignoring leads to A good environment (except for them) and in the end, they will be told to stop.
    The first scenario is the one that happens the most often,
    The second scenario (the best scenario)
    Say, Jojo was right, Joe and his group did something wrong. (Even if the motives were not plainly because he did something wrong)
    Say Sorry (And before you say anything, this is what people envision but fail)
    The first scenario of saying sorry:
    Joe “Sorry”
    “Sorry Okay?”
    “SHUT THE **** UP!” (I try to avoid unnecessary swearing)
    In order of what Joe will say in response to Jojo. This is a horrible idea, as:
  9. It does not sound sincere
  10. It seems impatient and you believe you are right
  11. it gives people a chance to attack you, say:
    “Hey, can you say sorry in a nicer way?”
    “Be more sincere!”
    Which can not only make you feel degrading, it isn’t a good scenario for everyone, and Jojo wins, again.
    Here’s the second scenario:
    Jojo decides to pluck against you, and, he/she’s right.
    You- Say sorry:
  12. "Jojo, I HONESTLY/REALLY did not mean to do _________, and it was MY FAULT.
    Let’s stop there,
  13. By saying it was your fault, people who unconsciously read it have no reason to argue against you already unless you retract later on.
  14. By saying it was your fault, it feels genuine, and it means you respect the other person
  15. People unconsciously build a good image of you
    When saying Honestly or really, these words have a few snarky meanings and make sure it doesn’t come across as sarcastic AND do not BOLD the words, you might be trying to emphasize it, but it might come across as being fake. 9I am only bolding them to show keywords)
    "I UNDERSTAND that I ____________ and I’m SORRY that I had to put you through this. I WILL MAKE SURE that this DOES NOT happen again, and again, my bad,
    Please ACCEPT my apology.
    Here are the keywords:
    This shows that you can sympathize with their feelings, and gives them a lesser chance of deflecting you, Sorry: Shows you know you were wrong and tightens their gap further,
    I will make sure: Show genuine and that you understand again, and DOES NOT as well.
    PLEASE ACCEPT shows, that no, you’re not saying that, I am forgiven because I apologized, but IT SEEMS to Jojo that it means, I understand I am fully at fault here and so I understand it is not my choice to make if you were to say, no you are not to be forgiven, so please forgive me.
    This concludes it, and Jojo will not be able to deflect. other than that, your reputation builds up and Jojo will not be able to say anything against you, or if she/he does, backlash happens.

Thank you for making it through with me, Here’s the end of this novel. :heart:

- Toasty :bread:

Oh, and by the way, feel free to correct me if I missed any details or if I’m wrong, gladly appreciated! :grin:


Personally, I have encountered lots - - - and let me tell you, was it LOTS - - - of fights on the Forums, and to be honest, it’s quite fun. It’s actually more enjoyable when you’re trying to make peace between groups, rather than actually starting it.