Cinnamon Toast's Overlay Thread

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Cinnamon Toast’s Overlay Thread!

Here you may request for me to make overlays of anything except for:
Furniture (Couches, etc)
Limbs (Arms, etc)
Clothing (Shirts, etc)
Elemental Overlays (Fire, Water, Air?, etc)
Or Word Overlays
Also, I can’t really explain. There’s a lot of overlays I can’t really make, but what I mean is that I make


What that means is that I make food, paper scrolls, stuff like that, but I can’t actually make a chair, or a lamp, or those things- those are cropped overlays- things you can crop from Episode backgrounds, So I know it’s hard to differentiate, but I will tell you if I can make it or not when you request.

Some other rules are:

  1. You must credit me in either the end of the Episode or through reader message. (Back when I made my free backgrounds thread, I didn’t require credit because they were for everyone, but now I’m making them for you personally)
  2. I don’t take background requests
  3. I make overlays, not crop overlays. I won’t crop things out.
  4. I have the right to decline a request
  5. Please do not rush me; I will try to get them done as soon as possible, and I will tell you how much time I need to take to finish it,

ALSO, if you want to use the overlays I made for other people (on this thread), you can, but you must tell me and credit me the same way.

Lastly, here are some overlay examples:

Thank you, have a great day, and happy writing! :heart:


Hello Cinnamon i would like to request three items actually

  1. A bonfire (aka some wood pieces pilled on each other one with fire another without
  2. I would like if possible the brown back with a paper sticking out of it two you have as an example
  3. A huge wave (if needed i can sent more details)
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Hey @Hanna_minna!
For your first one, Episode already has that overlay and it’s called CAMP FIRE and looks like this:

What the a brown back mean? I’ll try to make it but I’m not sure what it is.
For the huge wave, I’m very sorry, but I can’t make a wave.

I’m sorry to disappoint you for the the overlays. Please specify for the second one, I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible.


ooh thanks

In one of your examples you have a brown back with a paper in, it with a purple ribbon or, a tie of a sort holding the paper together.

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Alright; I’ll pm that one to you.

Hey Toasty!

Do you by any chance have or make Magic overlays?? Like energy balls or ice spikes or something? Anything that involves the use of magic I could definitely use!:heart: Thank you so much!

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Hey toasty! :wave: Are you still taking overlay requests?:blush: BTW I’m a massive fan of your work!:heart:

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Hey @Turtle_Cat, sorry for replying so late! I actually don’t do elemental overlays, but I do have an ice spike- sorry, I’m not great at make elemental overlays, but i hope this will be useful!

Thank you, and have a great day!


Hey @writer_em! Yes, I’m still taking requests, and sorry for replying so late as well! And thank you so much :heart:, I’m honestly so flattered! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Omg, this is perfect!:heart_eyes: thank you!

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Can I request an overlay of tent then please? :blush::heart:

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I promise I’ll try! If I really can’t do it I’ll tell you, and I apologize! I will start in the morning since it’s 1:30 am here already. Thank you!

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Of course thanks :heart:

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How about this? I know it’s not the best tent, but I really am not sure how to make one.


It’s amazing and perfect for my story :heart:

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Hey so you’ve been a massive help in the past and I was wondering if you are still taking overlay requests???:blush::heart:

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Yes I am!

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I was wondering if you could make me some food/drink overlays?

Like cakes, fancy food (or: a cooked turkey or salmon) and maybe some varying wine glasses. You know with different colour drinks? I was hoping for a cream coloured drink, a pinky one and a red one.

Ok this is a tall order so I understand if u can’t do it. I looked through episodes overlays but they didn’t have anything that I liked or could work with.

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Can I request some buttons with backgrounds in them? :relaxed:

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Can I please get all of them in tan skin color?