City Office Background needed!

I am in urgent need of a city office background (that is cartoon/episode style). Does anybody know where I can find one? I’ve looked through many drives and can never find the perfect one. Also, does anybody know of a drive where I can find backgrounds like the ones anavstories or dkr_episodes use because all of their backgrounds are so gorgeous! Thank you!!

My suggestion is: why don’t you ask them here they fhound their backgrounds?

You should check @amepisode drive for office backgrounds. As for the backgrounds of the authors you’ve mentioned, check the credits in the end of their chapters to see where they find their backgrounds and overlays


Here’s the link to my Backgrounds and overlays (drive)
I have added a new office Background but
I hope my backgrounds come handy at some point
U can credit using my Instagram handle epii.jessica

Thank you so much!

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Thank you!!

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