Claire’s Art Contest! (PART 1) **Announcing winners!**




Bienvenue, bienvenida, welcome to Claire’s Art Contest!

I am your host Claire Mersons. Here are the rules/instructions:

1. Be nice to all contestants and respect them the same way you want them to respect you.
2. Also respect the deadline, which is June 16th.
3. You can only make: splashes, covers, background edits, and character edits. You can make as many as you want, you can make one of each, you can make so many.
4. There will be 3 prizes. Don’t rage if you don’t get one! I will have different parts of my contest and you can enter all of the parts if you want.

:medal_sports:1st Prize:.

  • Be featuring in my next story
  • Receive a personalized @EpisodeStudio character edit (you get to request it for free, you will have it right away guaranteed!)
  • Judge in the next part of the contest

:medal_sports:2nd Prize:

  • Be featuring in my next story
  • Receive an @EpisodeStudio character edit as a PP.

:medal_sports:3rd Prize:

  • Be featuring in my next story
  • Help me in my next contest

Here, all artists can enter through this google form!

Entry Google Form

Remember the due date which is June 16! Dont hesitate to ask questions.



Are there specific characters that are supposed to be used and all that?

Nope. Feel free to do your magic.

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Thank you for the lovely response Herman!

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@Episode-Royalty has entered!! Where do we post the work? :slight_smile:

~ Winter :snowflake:

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Can you fill out the form multiple times? (but not that you enter 10 times or something)

Hi winter! You may PM me your work And i’ll Showcase it here.

Well, you can enter as many art as you want but not enter multiple times.

Hey, cool. I will when I get time or @BLUE2109/@Queen_Faith, can you PM some on the @Episode-Royalty account please?



Thank you

For entering!
It’s not too late to enter for other Episode artists! Make sure to PM your art.


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I didn’t get art from everyone but the results are in!

1st Place Art by @HermanEpisode

2nd Place Art by @palakdhariwal

3rd Place Art By @Lady-Mehek

Thank you all contestants!
PM me to claim your prize(s).


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Oh my goodness, I didn’t actually expect myself to win. Thank you so much!

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It was beautiful. It deserved to win!

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Congrats people. :heart_eyes:

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