Claire’s FAST Covers/Backgrounds/Edits/Splashes! ASK AWAY HUNS!

Looking for a cover? Have a contest deadline and need a sound splash? I’m your gal! I’ve always made edits & splashes & backgrounds, so they might look better than my covers… i’ve never made a cover but i’ve tried and they looked good! If you have a problem with my covers, then why didn’t you say anything on my other thread? Here are some examples of splashes: (Yes I can do the ones with Episode loading screens and character edits)


1. I will hide a secret password somewhere in this thread. If you have read all the guidelines and the thread, you’ll be closer to finding it… I will not add you to queue if you don’t say the password.

2. Please give me credit. I make my work/art for fun, but I’d also like to be recognized. No illegal pretending is allowed.

3. Any questions are allowed! Please, ask away! Don’t feel intimated to be curious.

4. Please use the template provided to request. If for some reason you don’t feel like it, i’ll give you a google form.

5. I don’t like doing this, but yes I have to check if you requested on another topic or forum.

Have Fun Loves!
Claire M :kissing_heart:

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pa$$w0rd Is da pa$$


Mobile Username:
Author Name:
Story Title:
Story Description:
Cover (Large or Small or Both And Description):
Splash (Description):
Edit (Description):
Background (Descritpion):

Closed as you have several other threads for art requests. Please do not make multiple identical threads as this is considered spam. Thanks! :slight_smile: