Claire’s Fast Splashes/Covers/Backgrounds! (5-10mins) [ONLINE]


Hey guys! I’ll make you a splash /cover/background in 4mins, 5mins, 6mins, 7mins, 8mins, 9mins Or 10 mins depending on how detailed you want it. Request any kind! I can also make the Episode loading screen one.


Here is an episode loading screen template if you want to use it:

Can someone please make me a cover art?
I seriously need a cover! Please, can anybody make a cover for me? (CLOSED)

Something like this:


can i have a splash cover please


Those look so nice!!! :smile::+1:


SURE! What’s the description?





Np :smirk:


can you help me???:grinning::grinning: :grinning:


Can you have the spash saying contain sound & music turn up your volume. and can you put her in it.






I don’t know what kind you wanted, so I made this one:




I’ll redo it if you want to show more of the character… you just didn’t get I’ve me enough details.


Do you want me to re doit?


it perfect


you don’t need to redo it


Awesome. :slight_smile:


Credit me @FreakyEvilMargs on forums & Claire M. on Episode Mobile.


okay thx