Claire’s Profile Pictures! [OPEN]


Hi Darlings!

I make profile pictures. They are done quick, but if you want it to be more detailed, it’ll take longer. I can do many effects. I can blend characters into the background, I can make it seem as if they were drawings. QUICK NOTE: I get my backgrounds off free stock images on my photoshop app,and the drawings off google. I got rights to use them. I will not illegally use an artists’s background or drawing. So, I will have a google form for you to request. I will add you to the queue once i read fully your request. I’m only making profile pictures that portray you. If you hate dogs and have a background with dogs, welp :frowning: :frowning: . Anyways, here are some examples. (I do both genders)

Thanks loves!



can i plz have one




Nvm i can make my one im good at editing…


Can I please have one? :heart:


Yes! Send the details.


Can I request???




Hey, I sent a request form as well :blush:


When can it be done? Not pushing you or amything


Hey wondering if you could do one for me! :blush: