Claire’s Royal Cover Request Shop 🔱! [open]

Heya Ladies & Gents! Ya heard me well… I MAKE COVER ART! So ya just have to request and i’ll bring to you ASAP. Tell me if you have contest deadline, so i’ll give you a higher spot in da queue.

Template (Please request using this template):

Forums Username:
Mobile Username:
Author Name:
Story Title:
Story Description:
Cover/Splash/Edit/Background Description:
If you have a contest deadline or not:

:heart: LOVE,
claire M. (Aren’t I sweet)

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Hi! Can I see some examples of your work? :slight_smile:

Sure… I used to only make splashes so you’ll only see splashes… I can make Covers!!

Forums Username: LovingLostCities
Mobile Username: Edaline
Author Name: Edaline
Story Title: Fantastical: Saving My World
Story Description: Hundreds of years ago the world fell into the hands of evil people. Now in the present day it is up to you to stop them. Will you acomplish your goal and discover your true past?
Cover/Splash/Edit/Background Description: A starry night
If you have a contest deadline or not: sometime next week

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Ok! Just a starry night? Anything else to request?

that’s it

Can I see your examples?
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Got it.

I’m sorry, I haven’t made any covers yet, but I have some good photoshop apps to make one :smile:

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Hey saw this post and your covers are awesome and i was hoping you’d do one for mean when you have the time!
Title: Hot Turns Cold
Author Name: Novalee S
Style: Ink
Genre: Mystery
Description: You lose a job and get one back but later on you realise your new boss isn’t exactly as hot as he looks on the outside. (He tries to kill you in the end. You make the characters)

I know it will be hard to make a cover without characters but can you make a cover without the faces?
if you can let me know asap because ill see someone else if you can’t.
Need anything else from me let me know!

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Sure! I’d love to help :slight_smile:

Hi :wave:, I was hoping you could do a cover art for me? I really like your work and I thought they looked great.
Here is some information about my story if you want to do it:
Forums name: episode.emma
mobile name: episode.emma
Author name: Emma
Title: Brentwood acadmeny
Genre: Action, Romance, Mystery
Description: Carmen (main character) lives with her grandma because her parents passed away when she was little. Her grandma strangely dissapears and she has to move in with her aunt and uncle. She learns her parents were spies and attends a spy school called “brentwood academy”.
-Idk if this will help when making a cover or not but she has a dark past so if the cover could be kinda mysterious I think that would be cool.

  • also my character is down below :point_down: but she doesnt have to be in the cover if you think it would be better. Lastly please feel free to change her outfit thats just what I have her set on default to.
    Sorry, this was kinda long, just wanted to give as much information as possible :grinning:!

Hi!! I will of course make you a cover. Could you give me more details? Like the background?

Thanks & Love,

Thankyou so much for answering! Maybe like a backround during the nightime? Not really sure but I think you will do a great job. These were some backrounds and covers that I liked from other stories:

  • maybe If you find a good qoute for the story, I think that would be cool.
  • also Ik that a lot of these covers are somewhat alike so if you want to change it up a little bit that would be nice too.

Hey, I don’t know if this is still open, but, I want to request a cover for a story called Alizeh : Struggles of a Superhero, which I’m working on. I want to know if you’d be willing to do it first, and if you said you could I can give you more details :slight_smile:

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By the way, this doesn’t really matter much but it would be nice to have it quick.


Can I have a splash for a warning? Like galaxy style please?

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Hi :wave:
Just wondering if you had any update for the cover?
No rush though!

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[quote=“FreakyEvilMargs, post:1, topic:17741”]
Forums Username: Ire
Mobile Username: Christiana1513 i think
Author Name :Christiana .I. Lanrewaju
Story Title: In Case You Missed It
Story Description:Sammy Wallach has epic plans for the end of junior year. Get crush-worthy Jamie Moss to ask her to prom. Rock all tests. wiwth a few white lies, some killer flirting, and a lot of practice, Sammy’s got things covered. That is, until the international bank that her dad works for is attacked by hacktivist who steal the entire Wallach family’s private cloud, including Sammy,s entire digital life. Litterally the whole world has access to her emails, texts, photos, and worst of all, her journal. Will she survvive or will she be consumed by the whole world being turned against her. Now you can see how the characters look.
Cover/Splash/Edit/Background Description: Sammy is facing all of her friends and she is scared. All of her “friends” are angry and coming towards her.
If you have a contest deadline or not:
No, I do not have a contest deadline but, i want it to be as qiuck as possible.

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Thank you for requesting!

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