✌🏻claire’s royal splash request shop[open]

Heyo My Friends!

My last cover request thread kinda backfired :sweat_smile: Yes, it is now closed. I realized I can make REALLY good splashes using PicsArt. I will tell you the guidelines, then you can see some examples.

:trident:KINDNESS IS A DO​:trident:
Be kind to me & others on this thread or else I report you & don’t give you a splash :angry:

:trident:PASSWORD REQUIRED​:trident:
I will put a hidden password somewhere in this post. To prove you actually read ALL of this thread & guidelines, i’ll add you to the queue if you include the password :wink:

:trident:OTHER FORUMS IS A NO​:trident:
Hey, um, don’t mean to sound rude, but YES I am obliged to check if you asked for splashes on other forums. :confused:

:trident:I DON’T ALWAYS MAKE SPLASHES​:trident:
I have school AND activities like swimming, soccer, choir… so be patient! Making splashes is not my 1st priority in life!
pa$$w0rd is da pa$$w0rd


Claire M. :kissing_cat:

Closed as you already have a thread for splash requests. Please do not make multiple identical threads. Thanks! :slight_smile: